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Music Career


     Deep Impact Entertainment Firm is a cutting-edge artistic

development company. We provide our handpicked musicians

with holistic and forward-thinking management services.

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Artist Management

The entertainment business is ever changing and it is hard to keep up with what is new in both the business and the entertainment side of the industry. This is often hard for an artist because we know that entertainers want to focus their passion and not all the business that comes with it.   

Social Media  Management 

We work with new talent


Deep Impact Entertainment enjoys seeing our clients develop from the binging to well oil.  We take on the responsibility of nurturing new talent by fine-tuning their artistic and business development, and growing their careers over several album releases. We work hard to see our artist dreams come true.  Our services include:

  • Sign artist up for Performance Rights Associations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC), so their work can be protected.

  • Getting artist music registered with the copyright office both the sound recording.

  • Provide opportunity for artist to strengthen their songwriting skills.  

  • Develop marketing and social media  strategy.

  • Build artist stage presence.

  • Media training.

  • Build fan base

  • Networking

  • And more


We work with the established


When it comes to working with established entertainers, Deep Impact role is to manage what they have already created and add value to their brand. Established entertainers typically already have their foundation in place and looking for a loyal and trusty worthy manager to handle the day to day business.  Deep Impact monitors and manages the different areas client’s career from the finances, social media, legal paper work such as registering work and contracts, publicity, marketing, performances and more.


Dj Shaynea with attendees at the Black History Program
Shapiez Kids band and Wayne Dungey team up
Black History month program
Grammys Texas Chapter Holiday Party 2
Grammys Texas Chapter - Holiday Party
Sir Charles Meida
Shapiez Kids Band
Marty behind the scenes
Marty and Sir Charles
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